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"My aim is to provide a personalised, caring service using well established plastic surgery techniques to obtain natural results and positive outcomes for my patients."

"Decades of experience as a Specialist Plastic Surgeon in Australia and France has taught me that the best experiences start by taking time to understand your exact desired outcome."



Comprehensive patient factsheets and information resources related to the common plastic surgery procedures performed by Dr Nicholas Lotz. These cover the main regions of the face, breast, body, skin and ears.

Before & After Images

Patient “before and after” images are available to view for many of the plastic surgery procedures that Dr Lotz has performed.

All images included on this website have been done so with patient consent.


Dr Lotz and his staff have compiled many of the commonly asked questions asked by his patients about specific plastic surgery procedures. These are included in the patient factsheets as a helpful resource.

Patient Guide

Choosing your
Plastic Surgeon.

Breast Surgery

Breast augmentation
Breast lift
Breast reduction.

Dr Lotz’s is highly experienced in breast surgery particularly breast reduction and breast augmentation procedures.

Before & After

Patient Images

Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty)

Case Example:

Upper blepharoplasty – patient before and after at 6 weeks

Ear Reconstruction Surgery

Case Example:

This 29 year old girl had a small, folded over right ear. The ear height and collapse has been corrected using cartilage graft from the other ear, which also allowed the other ear to be set a little closer to the side of her head.

Breast Reduction Surgery

Case Example:

37 year old. Breast reduction. 400g from R side and 500g from left side

The core goals of my surgical practice...

Personalised and caring service
Technical excellence …an essential element of your care
Honest, ethical, compassionate and individualised advice
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Great News for Women!

Australian women, who suffer negative physical consequences of pregnancy, may be able to have reconstructive correctional surgery funded by Medicare later next year, after a campaign by women and surgeons to have the procedure reinstated to the MBS, (Medicare Benefits Schedule) five years after it was removed in 2016.

MSAC the independent committee who provides advice to the Government on whether a new medical service should be publicly funded has recommended creating a new Medicare item number for abdominoplasty with repair of rectus diastasis (tummy muscles) after pregnancy!

Although this endorsement from MSAC goes a long way to ensuring it’ll be back on the Medicare schedule there is still a way to go – these things take time!

#mumsofmultiples #tummytuck #abdominoplasty
It was lovely to see Vincent again today, 3 months after surgery to elevate his reconstructed ear. The smile says it all! 
He has #microtia (literally “small ear”), and I have done an #earreconstruction using rib cartilage graft. The advantage is, that it is all his bodies own tissue, so there is no risk of long term infection or problems like there can be with an implant. 
Have a good weekend and stay safe during #lockdown. 

❗️individual results may vary, all surgery has risks
❗️ear reconstruction is highly specialized so make sure your surgeon is well qualified

#asps #microtiakids #eardeformity #eardeformitycorrection #drlotz #ribgraft #sydneysurgery #plasticsurgeryinstagram #specialistplasticsurgeon
Who remembers these old 3.5” discs??? I was cleaning out the attic and found a stack of them. Makes me feel old!

#flashback #oldschool #floppydisc #anothertime #cleanup
Surgery to correct prominent ears is all about taking the focus off the ears so it is redirected to the centre of the face so you notice the other features and not the ears. 
A well performed #otoplasty will leave the ears symmetrical, without any sharp folds or ridges, and it is important that they are not too close to the head or this looks unusual as well. 

❗️make sure your surgeon is FRACS qualified
❗️individual results may vary and all surgery has risks. 

#earsurgery #earcorrection #prominentears #plasticsurgery #drlotz #specialistplasticsurgeon #earreduction #earpinning #facialplasticsurgery #earpinningsurgery
Life has been giving us a lot of lemons lately with the ongoing Covid restrictions. But a bit like the saying goes, when life gives you lemons … make lemon cheese cake!
Thanks to my lovely #blepharoplasty patient that gave us this huge box of amazing lemons from her garden. My 15 year old son put them to good use making this beautiful citrus cheese cake!

#lemon #lifegivesyoulemons #thankyou
A breast lift (aka “mastopexy”) is a fantastic procedure that lifts your breasts to a more youthful and aesthetically pleasing position on the chest. 
Incisions are hidden around the areola (which is reduced in size), straight down from the nipple to the inframammary fold, and in the crease under the breast. The breast is reshaped and lifted higher, giving more fullness. Excess skin around the side of the breasts is also reduced. 
💉general anaesthetic 
⏱3 hours operative time, overnight stay
📆1-2 weeks off work, full activity at 6 weeks
☎️1300 304 209 to schedule an appointment 

❗️make sure your surgeon is FRACS trained 
❗️all surgery carries risks and individual results can vary 
📸patient photos with permission 

#drlotz #breastlift #beforeandafter #breastreduction #plasticsurgery #castlecragprivatehospital #breastsurgery #rejuvenation
I am very excited to launch the new website. Last year the lockdowns gave me time to rewrite it all and is a big task to finally tick off ✅

🙏thanks to @dominicloneragan for his years of photography work for me 
🙏 thank you Denise Jury @symbic for the amazing design work. 
🙏thanks to my staff for all the proofreading and their ongoing support. 

👁 check it out at www.drnicholaslotz.com.au

#drlotz #plasticsurgery #blepharoplasty #breastreduction #facelift #earreconstructions #otoplasty
This 37 year old patient is seen 4 months after a #breastreduction and correction of asymmetry (400g on right and 500g on left). 
Check out the arrows marking some of her moles that show just how much of a #breastlift she has got as well!
#mammoplasty #breastsurgeon #breastlift #plasticsurgery #drlotz #plasticsurgerybeforeandafter #lifechanging #aspsau #feelbetternow 

❗️individual results may vary 
❗️make sure your surgeon is FRACS qualified
Thank you to all our grateful patients. Your appreciation is what makes all the hard work worthwhile. 
#thankyou #plasticsurgery #blepharoplasty #facelift #necklift #breastreduction #grateful


If you would like further information or if you wish to make an appointment to discuss a plastic surgery procedure with Dr Nicholas Lotz.


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