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Scar Revision

The following information  is intended to assist patients undergoing scar revision with Dr Nicholas Lotz.



Scar Revision

Occasionally scars from trauma or previous surgery heal with a result that we are unhappy with. Some patients are prone to developing keloid scars, where the scar tissue overgrows. This is more common on the shoulders, chest and ears, and is also more likely if you have darker skin.

Scars that have healed with an unsatisfactory result can be excised and re-sutured with an aim to achieve a more cosmetically acceptable result. A scar revision usually involves re-aligning the scar to fall along the naturally occurring creases on the face or excising a thick or widespread scar. 

In order to achieve the best result the wound may require taping for several weeks after the surgery. Excessively thick scars and keloid scars can sometimes be treated with injections of steroids.

These procedures can usually be done in the rooms under local anaesthetic, and require a minimal recovery time.

Considering plastic surgery?

If you would like further information or if you wish to make an appointment to discuss scar revision surgery with Dr Nicholas Lotz, please contact our rooms.