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Ear Reconstruction – Trauma or Surgery Complications

The following information sheet is intended to assist patients preparing for ear reconstruction surgery following trauma or previous surgical complications to the ear with Dr Nicholas Lotz.



Ear Reconstruction for Trauma or Surgery Complications

Apart from birth deformities such as microtia, ears may become deformed as a result of acquired injuries.

Commonly seen causes of ear injuries include:

  • Infection following ear piercings
  • Trauma including burns
  • Surgery to remove skin cancer
  • Complications following surgery on the ear (such as otoplasty)
  • Human bite injuries in fights

In order to correct these smaller ear problems, we need to consider:

  • What cartilage is missing?
  • What skin is missing?

In cases where only a small amount of cartilage is needed, it can sometimes be taken from another part of the ear where it will not be noticed. In more complicated cases rib cartilage needs to be used. 

If there is skin missing, then usually the skin which sits behind the ear can be lifted up and used to fill in the missing skin from the ear. If this is needed, then is usually means there will be a second operation needed to free the ear up and let it sit our from the side of the head again. This second operation is usually done 3 months later.

If your problem relates to a bad otoplasty (prominent ear correction), it can usually be fixed in a single operation as there should be enough skin present. The cartilage is reshaped and often requires a cartilage graft of some sort.

As each of these minor deformities is unique, a customised plan will be explained in detail to you by Dr Lotz during your consultation, and you will be sent a detailed quotation outlining all the costs.

Ear Reconstruction - Trauma or Surgery Complications

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a bad result from previous otoplasty be fixed?

Yes it can. Dr Lotz sees many patients who are unhappy with previously performed otoplasty. The ears can be still too prominent, too close to the head, or have other asymmetries and irregularities. Occasionally some cartilage (either from the ear or a piece of rib) might be needed. Each case is different and will need individualised treatment.